Saturday, September 3, 2011

My iPod Touch


I am doing something where I have to not have sweets (only on holidays and birthdays) for a whole year and I get $150.  I started on November 8th, 2010.  After 6 months I can choose if I want $50 then and then $100 later or $150 at the end.  I chose to get $50 after 6 months.  I had worked hard by being a mommy's little helper.  That is a person who watches the kids while the mommy is in the house, I worked a lot so I had earned some money.  With the money I earned and the money I already had ended up to be $150.  I wanted an iPod touch so I went on eBay to look at some.  I bid on some refurbished ones and one day I won one!!!  Here are some funny pictures above that I made with my iPod: 

Home School in 2011

On Thursday I started home school.    I am in 6th grade, Melissa is in 4th, Mark is in 2nd, and Matthew is in kindergarten.  I think we are doing My Father's World curriculum for some of our school.  For my math I am doing Pace.  It's really fun.  Mark and Melissa are doing Horizons.  Matthew is doing Bob Jones math. They all really like their math.  My mom says maybe this year we could take a class at our church's school if my dad gets a job in Longveiw.  Can you please pray that my dad gets a job soon?  Thank you!!!   

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Exactly a Year!!!

    Today, June 12th, 2011, I have been in America for exactly a year!  A year ago from today my family and I were flying into Houston, TX.  I was so excited to be home.  We met my grandparents at the airport.  We were all so excited to see them.  We had to take a car and a truck because we had brought 18 pieces of luggage. (what a lot of luggage!)  It was so fun being home.
    Since everybody had missed all of our birthdays (every one except Matthew's) we all had our birthday party close to Mathew's birthday.  I'm so glad that we came to America a year ago from today!!! 

Sunday, June 12, 2011

My Soccer Team

     In February, I started playing on girl's soccer team named Phoenix.  There are 8 games that we have to play.   We have played 8 games already.  Most of the time, I play on defense , but sometimes I play midfield.  Our first game, we tied 1-1.  The second game we lost like 1-7.  The third, fourth, and fifth games we lost also.  The sixth game the other team forfeited so we kind of won.  The seventh game we actually won 2-1, but the other team only had 9 players and we had 15 players (there were 11 of our players on the field and there were all of their 9 players on the field) so their team players did not get to get to have a break during the game.  The 8th game we lost 0-4.  I love my team, and I want to play on the same team next year!!!!

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Our Room is Changed!!!

      Yesterday, Mom switched around our room!  The room had Melissa's bed turned in between the bed frames and my desk was right by our door in our room, but now Mom has turned around Melissa's bed and she moved my school desk.  There are two boards by my desk and Melissa's bed.  Before Mom switched everything around, I would have to climb on Melissa's bed to tack things up, but now my desk is right in front of the board so I can tack things up easier than I could before!  I hope you like what mom did!!!

My New Shirt

For Valentines Day, my mom and dad gave me this shirt.  They gave Melissa the same shirt.  The boys got a toy, Toothless (a nightfurry from How to Train Your Dragon) from Mom and Dad.  Me and Melissa love our new shirts and the boys play little house with Toothless.  I am thankful for my mom and dad, and that they gave me this shirt!!!!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Encyclopedia Brown - Boy Detective

Today, I read the book Encyclopedia Brown - Boy Detective by Donald J. Sobol.  My mom got it for me from the library.  It's my favorite book!  It is about a boy named Leroy Brown, but the kids at school usually call him Encyclopedia because he is really smart like a detective.  Usually, I start reading a book and I can quit when I want to, but, with this book, I could not put it down.  There is a case in every chapter.  I love mysteries.  I finished this in an hour and a half---my fastest time yet to complete a book!   I think it is the best book ever!

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Aunt Linda's Gingerbread Houses

      I am sorry but this post came out late.  My mom's Aunt Linda makes these wonderful gingerbread houses.  She makes her own frosting and even her own gingerbread!  Aunt Linda makes two sometimes three story gingerbread houses.  She even makes the little details in the houses.  Aren't they amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, February 4, 2011

Snow in Longview

Today it snowed in Longview.  I went outside to play.  I threw a snowball in the air, but most of the time, I was clearing the sidewalk with my shoe.  While I was outside, the mail lady drove by and gave us some mail and then she tried to drive off to give the mail to the other people on the street.  I dont think that she had winter tires on the mail car because there was slush on the road and she was stuck.(Mom: we don't have winter tires in the south!-hehe!)  My cousin and I watched as she tried to get unstuck from the slush.  It took a few minutes until she was free.  She drove a few feet away from where she was and then she got stuck again!  So I told my dad to come help.  He and my cousin helped push the car away.  It was so funny!!!