Saturday, June 18, 2011

Exactly a Year!!!

    Today, June 12th, 2011, I have been in America for exactly a year!  A year ago from today my family and I were flying into Houston, TX.  I was so excited to be home.  We met my grandparents at the airport.  We were all so excited to see them.  We had to take a car and a truck because we had brought 18 pieces of luggage. (what a lot of luggage!)  It was so fun being home.
    Since everybody had missed all of our birthdays (every one except Matthew's) we all had our birthday party close to Mathew's birthday.  I'm so glad that we came to America a year ago from today!!! 

Sunday, June 12, 2011

My Soccer Team

     In February, I started playing on girl's soccer team named Phoenix.  There are 8 games that we have to play.   We have played 8 games already.  Most of the time, I play on defense , but sometimes I play midfield.  Our first game, we tied 1-1.  The second game we lost like 1-7.  The third, fourth, and fifth games we lost also.  The sixth game the other team forfeited so we kind of won.  The seventh game we actually won 2-1, but the other team only had 9 players and we had 15 players (there were 11 of our players on the field and there were all of their 9 players on the field) so their team players did not get to get to have a break during the game.  The 8th game we lost 0-4.  I love my team, and I want to play on the same team next year!!!!