Sunday, June 12, 2011

My Soccer Team

     In February, I started playing on girl's soccer team named Phoenix.  There are 8 games that we have to play.   We have played 8 games already.  Most of the time, I play on defense , but sometimes I play midfield.  Our first game, we tied 1-1.  The second game we lost like 1-7.  The third, fourth, and fifth games we lost also.  The sixth game the other team forfeited so we kind of won.  The seventh game we actually won 2-1, but the other team only had 9 players and we had 15 players (there were 11 of our players on the field and there were all of their 9 players on the field) so their team players did not get to get to have a break during the game.  The 8th game we lost 0-4.  I love my team, and I want to play on the same team next year!!!!

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