Friday, February 4, 2011

Snow in Longview

Today it snowed in Longview.  I went outside to play.  I threw a snowball in the air, but most of the time, I was clearing the sidewalk with my shoe.  While I was outside, the mail lady drove by and gave us some mail and then she tried to drive off to give the mail to the other people on the street.  I dont think that she had winter tires on the mail car because there was slush on the road and she was stuck.(Mom: we don't have winter tires in the south!-hehe!)  My cousin and I watched as she tried to get unstuck from the slush.  It took a few minutes until she was free.  She drove a few feet away from where she was and then she got stuck again!  So I told my dad to come help.  He and my cousin helped push the car away.  It was so funny!!!

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