Thursday, April 28, 2011

Our Room is Changed!!!

      Yesterday, Mom switched around our room!  The room had Melissa's bed turned in between the bed frames and my desk was right by our door in our room, but now Mom has turned around Melissa's bed and she moved my school desk.  There are two boards by my desk and Melissa's bed.  Before Mom switched everything around, I would have to climb on Melissa's bed to tack things up, but now my desk is right in front of the board so I can tack things up easier than I could before!  I hope you like what mom did!!!

My New Shirt

For Valentines Day, my mom and dad gave me this shirt.  They gave Melissa the same shirt.  The boys got a toy, Toothless (a nightfurry from How to Train Your Dragon) from Mom and Dad.  Me and Melissa love our new shirts and the boys play little house with Toothless.  I am thankful for my mom and dad, and that they gave me this shirt!!!!