Saturday, September 3, 2011

My iPod Touch


I am doing something where I have to not have sweets (only on holidays and birthdays) for a whole year and I get $150.  I started on November 8th, 2010.  After 6 months I can choose if I want $50 then and then $100 later or $150 at the end.  I chose to get $50 after 6 months.  I had worked hard by being a mommy's little helper.  That is a person who watches the kids while the mommy is in the house, I worked a lot so I had earned some money.  With the money I earned and the money I already had ended up to be $150.  I wanted an iPod touch so I went on eBay to look at some.  I bid on some refurbished ones and one day I won one!!!  Here are some funny pictures above that I made with my iPod: 

Home School in 2011

On Thursday I started home school.    I am in 6th grade, Melissa is in 4th, Mark is in 2nd, and Matthew is in kindergarten.  I think we are doing My Father's World curriculum for some of our school.  For my math I am doing Pace.  It's really fun.  Mark and Melissa are doing Horizons.  Matthew is doing Bob Jones math. They all really like their math.  My mom says maybe this year we could take a class at our church's school if my dad gets a job in Longveiw.  Can you please pray that my dad gets a job soon?  Thank you!!!