Sunday, December 26, 2010

Personal Narrative - by Katie Bull

Busted Lip

 "Come on Katie, we don't want to be late," My mom instructed me.  "I'm coming!" I said.  We     were going to the gymnastics place for my third birthday party.  I held my moms hand on the way into the party.  "Hi Katie!" everybody said at once.  "Hey!" I shouted back.  I started laughing and playing with my friends.  We slid down the slide and we jumped into a pool of balls.  While we were playing, I rushed up the stairs to the slide, I slipped and busted my lip right open.  It hurt a lot.  Mr. Randy thought I would need stitches.  So, I went to the hospital.  The doctor looked at my lip.  He said "It will be ok, but it will be swollen for a few days."  They gave me a little stuffed puppy dog that I named Gate because it looked like a brown gate.  As soon as I got back, it was time to eat my cupcakes.  Since my lip was swollen, it hurt I ate them.  They tasted so good!  I went home after that.  It was a lot of fun!!! 

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