Wednesday, December 1, 2010

The Legend of an answered prayer by Katie and Karen

Answered Prayers

Once upon a time, in Minnesota, lived a mother named Joanne and her 10 year old daughter named Mary.  They secretly lived in the nurse’s room at Mary school where Ms. Joanne was the nurse.  They couldn’t afford to live elsewhere.  Mary’s father died four years ago from complications of surgery.  The hospital bills and funeral costs were taking a lot of their money.  They lived very meagerly, with barely enough to eat. 

One day, they found themselves out of food.  Ms. Joanne then told Mary, “I will check my pocket to see if we have enough money to buy some dinner.”  Joanne looked surprised when she couldn’t even find one penny.  Mary was sad so she went to a corner where she had spent some time with God and prayed.  “Lord, I know that you can work miracles so I want to ask for a loaf of bread and some milk, Amen.”   She then went about her business knowing she could trust the Lord with her life. 

About an hour later, they heard the door open and they saw a man carrying a grocery sack.  He walked in and said, “Hi, my name is Jerry, and I am a substitute here, and I was praying this morning and felt I should bring this with me today.”  Mary’s eyes widened and she peeked inside the bag.  She exclaimed, “ I prayed for a loaf of bread and milk and here it is!!!”  Jerry smiled, knowing that he was used by God that day.  They all decided to thank God for providing for their needs in a beautiful way.  Little did they know that day, but Joanne and Jerry would then start to date, and later marry.  They were never hungry again and they moved out of the school into a quaint little home down the street.

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