Saturday, October 24, 2009


Yesterday, my family and I went out of the country. We made a fire and roasted some strawberry marshmallows ( we bought them in America ) and we roasted some hot dogs ( but the hot dogs we bought in Russia). We were there for about 3 hours ( and I mean outside for about 3 hours).

I wanted to look for some frogs there, but I was to busy eating that I didn't have time. At Elema there is a tire swing. The tire swing hangs straight down to the ground for only one person to swing on. Melissa and I swing and push all the time on the tire swing.

Melissa, Mark and I have a secret hiding spot at Elema. When we would go up to our secret hiding spot, we would have to cross a bridge that was over a little stream of water by ourselves. When we did that it really felt like a real secret hiding place, but yesterday, mom would not let us go past the river that we would have to go on to get to our secret hiding place. So we could not go there yesterday. I hope I get to go too my secret hiding place again.

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