Wednesday, November 4, 2009

A True Story

Today at school I herd a story and I want to share it with you!
About a month ago, this man from England had a metal detector in a field (in which he didn't think he would find anything).  He went over the field with his detector and it, suddenly, went  BEEP!  The man then pulled the item out of the ground and it was a real, pure gold sword handle (the Anglo-Saxons put it there)!  The man looked around and no one was there, so the man put the sword handle in his pocket and searched some more.  Again, there was another BEEP!  It was a real, pure gold belt buckle!  So the man searched some more and fond a thousand more gold items.  Then, he buried them back into the field and called the museum people about purchasing these gold items.  Later, the owner of the field was mowing the lawn and bumped one of the hidden treasures.  The museum then purchased the treasures from the man.  The owner of the field and the man who found the stuff first decided to split the money.  The man that told this story said if you had ten ferraris and then you sold them to get the field then you sold the treasures you could buy the ten ferraris plus one thousand more ferraris and that is how much the gold things would cost.  That is a true story!

                                                       THE END


  1. Wow! Can't believe that story is true! To answer your question about knitting...I actually learned the basics from a book called Basic Knitting. It has great diagrams and pictures. From there I just started searching on the internet to learn new techniques. My first choice would have been to have someone teach me but I didn't have that luxury so I decided to teach myself! Now I love it and can hardly put the needles down!

  2. that is quite a story. i love the new picture and gobble till you wobble

  3. Keep it up-darlin'! I love you! Mom